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Kid's Art Display Center

A fun and easy way to display your child's artwork and clear some of that clutter!
My friend recently asked me to design an art display center for her boys. I came up with a couple projects and then some fun decorative pieces to help pull it all together. We went shopping for all of the materials and then I had some very special helpers for the projects.
For these fun initials I used two wooden initials, coordinating paper, and craft glue. First, I traced the initial backwards onto the back of the paper and cut it out. Next, my helper used a foam brush to paint the initial with craft glue. And then we smoothed on the paper.
For this project I used a wooden yardstick, small clothespins, craft paint, and glue. First, my helper painted the clothespins. After they were dry I glued them on the yardstick.
For these fun chalkboards, I used wooden conversation bubbles and my helper painted it with chalkboard paint. After, it was dry, we primed the board by coloring fully with chalk and then erasing it
For more art display, I bought 12x12 cork squares and then made fun dinosaur tacks using plastic dinosaurs and gluing tacks to them with E-6000 glue.

To see more: http://snaps-of-ginger.blogspot.com/2014/06/kids-art-display-center.html

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