How do you clean the painted pans ( just the outside)?

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  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Oct 11, 2018

    Hi Lorraine, can you give a little more information please. We'd love to help but I'm not sure which painted pans you're referring too

  • I let mine dry and then scrape them off with a paint scraper. You can also use thinners. And the liners are very cheap too.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 11, 2018

    Hello Lorraine, Try Barkeepers Friend!

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Oct 12, 2018

    Hi Lorraine,

    I make a mix of baking soda & water then spread it all over the pan. Next I spray it with a mixture of vinegar and water (50/50 mix). Then let it sit for a while. If it's a heavy stain, spray paper towels with the vinegar/water mix then let it all soak. Finally use warm soapy water to clean everything off. I also use a non-scratch scrubber if it's really bad, but please be careful that you don't scrape off the paint. I hope that helps.

    • Lorraine Lorraine on Oct 13, 2018

      Thanks Linda I’ll try this, as I’ve tried pretty much the other ideas.

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Oct 12, 2018

    Use one of the soft scrub cleansers when needed.

  • Lorraine Lorraine on Oct 13, 2018

    Thank you all who contributed!

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