Asked on Oct 12, 2018

Flooring solution, help!

CindyJoanne luekeShore grandmom


I need a quick inexpensive solution. We are not able to raise the floor at this time. (Converted garage to livingroom)

We took out a wood box to repair water damage from previous owner. I can not match the carpet. This area is behind our couch and will be a play.

Length is 194 inches by 45 inches at longest point.

Thank you

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  • 2dogal
    on Oct 12, 2018

    Why not get a contrasting color or one of those area play rugs for the kiddies and put that down. A different color will delineate the play area.

  • Veronica Barrientoz
    Veronica Barrientoz
    on Oct 12, 2018

    Great Idea! I have not been able to find a rug that will cover the full length. Also there is a slope. Do you recommend adding carpet padding underneath?

  • Sally Alter
    Sally Alter
    on Oct 12, 2018

    Do you mean will be a play area? If so, you will need to have something down that is really easy to clean. Go to your local carpet/flooring store or Home Depot and ask about their new vinyl floor coverings. There are some great products out just for this purpose.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott
    on Oct 12, 2018

    Dollar general actually has vinyl laminate wood flooring for $10 a box, which includes 10 boards and covers approximately 15 square feet. I’ve been thinking of using in small bathroom.

  • Shore grandmom
    Shore grandmom
    on Oct 12, 2018

    Yes, you need a good, thick pad to protect from the cold of the cement. As for leveling it. There is a compound that you can pour to level the floor. My sister did that in a garage turned living room and it really works. Check you local big box store for it. That's a long oddly shaped area you have to cover. For a temporary solution, why not just get some carpet runners? You could even ask at carpet stores if you could have the scraps from other installations.

    • Veronica Barrientoz
      Veronica Barrientoz
      on Oct 13, 2018

      Thank you for your help! We've went round and round and because this house has so many projects we just want an easy and safe solution for winter and the holidays. I went to Lowe's and home Depot today, but will be going to local carpet stores. The space is odd because the previous owners built a box to cover up some water damage.

  • Joanne lueke
    Joanne lueke
    on Oct 12, 2018

    See if these foam tiles might work for you. Hope this helps.

  • Cindy
    on Oct 12, 2018

    You could get some carpet squares that go with the existing carpet. You can replace one if it gets a stain, not the whole thing. No padding required. Hope this helps you. Good luck.

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