When is the best time to transplant a lime tree that has been in a pot


I live in west texas and have grown a lime in a pot and taken it indoors each year but it is so big and heavy that I am considering transplanting it in the spot it sits in spring to fall.

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  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 15, 2018

    you could research your problems on a website dealing with plants etc

  • You can still get it in the ground now. Or leave it in place, but wrap it if you get severe winds or a cold snap of freezing or below. I have a lime in ground and a lemon in a pot that lives outside year round and am in a similar climate. We are getting winds today, so I wrapped them with a ripped up old sheet to protect the foliage.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 15, 2018

    Have you thought about making a dolly to put underneath the pot? I have huge pots for the veggies I have by the house. Mine are made from marine plywood that was left over from redoing all the wood in our fishing boat, but you could make it out of plywood that is sturdy enough to handle the weight (ours is 3/4 inch) and finish it to make it water resistant. Mine all have four really good sets of wheels each pot, don't get the all plastic ones, they fall apart as soon as weight is put on it. This allows use to move them around with ease and we bring our tropical plants up to the steps at the back door and only have to pick them up to take them up a couple of stairs. It takes two of us, but it is muck easier than carrying it all the way to the back door, in the house to where we keep them for the winter. I hope this helps you!

  • Dalila Oliva Dalila Oliva on Oct 16, 2018

    Yes it does I have them on dollies already but they are getting too wide for the doorway and I am afraid to prune it

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