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Alcohol Monitoring Builds Trust and Helps People Live Healthy Again

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Even though there are people who might not treat it as alcoholism is a disease just like any other life-threatening one. It is a self-inflicting harm because a person chooses this route. However, once a person has started abusing alcohol, they are not under their control anymore. No matter how much they try, regret, and curse themselves for doing the wrong, they can’t pull themselves out of alcoholism.
alcohol monitoring builds trust and helps people live healthy again
However, those who are able to achieve this nearly impossible goal, building trust back in society is the next big challenge. Their love can’t trust them and fear a relapse all the time.

Building Trust with Words Is Not Enough

The biggest challenge for those who have recently started recovering from the binge drinking is regaining the trust of their loved ones and the society as a whole. They are not in a position where others would believe their words just like that. The situation is even worse for those who have recovered and relapsed multiple times in the past. No matter how hard they try, they can’t make their loved ones trust them. This lack of trust hurts the recovering people in many ways.

Seeing the discomfort of their spouses, children, parents, etc. around them is very heartbreaking. Secondly, if they are involved in a divorce case, it is hard for them to get custody of their children. There is no way the law enforces can trust these people unless they have some sort of crystal ball that they can use to keep an eye on them. Loneliness and the feeling of being left out can be extremely depressing for such individuals and as a result, can affect their lives in many ways. 
alcohol monitoring builds trust and helps people live healthy again
A Monitoring Camera Is Not the Best Solution

Installing cameras in a house in an attempt to keep an eye on the person recovering from alcoholism is an unfit solution in many. First, you are constantly making them feel that there is someone watching them. Yes, you do want to watch them so they can’t fall back into the pit they have just come out from. However, you don’t want to be a stalker for them. Every person is entitled to their privacy and every other person has to respect that right. In addition to that, you can’t capture the footage of your entire house with a basic or even advanced setup.
There will always be blind spots, and they are going to keep your skeptical. This skepticism can ruin relationships even if it arises naturally from the situation you are in. 
alcohol monitoring builds trust and helps people live healthy again
Soberlink Is the Best Solution

The best way for alcohol monitoring without making the person feel uncomfortable is Soberlink. Soberlink is the mobile device that helps the recovering person get scheduled and reminded breath tests to stay on track with his/her recovery. The person can sign into the device with its reliable facial recognition feature. In addition to facial recognition, this device has sensors that detect any tampering with any component of the device. In short, when you receive a reading from your loved one, it is their reading without any tampering involved.

Bottom Line

The use of Soberlink has helped many builds trust with their loved ones and society. Every time the recovering person takes the test, the information is transmitted to the pre-specified individuals on emails and SMS. In this way, Soberlink introduces an element of accountability for the person who is trying to get rid of alcoholism forever. It is a win-win situation for both parties wherein the patient has the reasons to recover on his/her own and their loved ones have the reasons to keep trusting an important person in their lives. 

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