What do people do with large plants they have grown over the summer. ?


I have huge Kimberly Queen ferns that I will cry when they get frost bit and are gone.

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  • Diane Coverdale Diane Coverdale on Oct 17, 2018

    Why don't you transplant shoots of your plant and bring it inside to winter over? Are they planted in the ground or into large patio pots? If they are in pots, could you move it to a garage or basement to winter over?

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    • Diane Coverdale Diane Coverdale on Oct 18, 2018

      Okay, then back to plan #1. Hunt through your pot and look for new shoots coming out, or ones that are growing away from the main plant. These should be easier to divide from the "mother" plant. find an appropriate size pot and with some new potting soil transplant your babies. Keep them in a bright and warm area until they start growing on their own. Good luck!

  • Robin Baker Robin Baker on Oct 17, 2018

    Most every fern I know of leaves the equivalent of bulbs in the soil they are planted in. Most will return year after year with an occasional removal of the soil from the planter if potted or digging soil to release any root bound issues. If potted you can add new potting soil and put all your little baby bulbs in the soil and they will return more beautiful in the coming season. Ferns are hearty and even without intervention they will usually return year after year by themselves, but on occasion they need the roots that become bound in planters to be separated from the bound root ball by being torn apart, and it can be done with abandon. You will not hurt them. They grow wild and no one other than God tends them. But of course who better than the Master potter of all. 😉

  • Liz Maresh Pudas Liz Maresh Pudas on Oct 18, 2018

    Kimberly Queen Ferns are tropical & only do well in zones 9 or 10 , so unless you're in southern Florida, you'll need to bring the fern indoors for the winter. https://www.houseplant411.com/houseplant/kimberly-queen-fern-how-to-grow-care-for-a-kimberly-queen-fern

  • Barbara Artis Dunham Barbara Artis Dunham on Oct 18, 2018

    Thank you, I have brought the smallest one into my house. Will need to sacrifice the others. They made me happy all summer.

  • Sandy Sandy on Oct 18, 2018

    I just brought in 2 potted citrus trees and every year I redecorate to accommodate their growth. It is worth it for a plant you treasure. I can find a window that might not be perfect but it is way better than a Nebraska winter. I think my trees are aware of that as they have managed to stay alive for the last 6 years. But it is getting harder to move those pots. This year they will get a tough pruning.