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Lawn Care Practices That Guarantee of an Attractive Garden.

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Just because a practice is popular, does not make it right. If you have been doing something because it’s always how it’s been done, you have a reason to be skeptical. This applies to lawn care as well. Most lawn maintenance practices only conquer lawn problems to a certain level and are potentially harmful to your grass.

lawn care practices that guarantee of an attractive garden

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Go Organic

Organic fertilizers exist. They cultivate beauty and longevity better than synthetic fertilizers. They prevent weeds; enrich the soil with minerals, microorganisms, and micro nutrients. Organic fertilizers will give you a dense deep green lawn. Synthetic fertilizers produce quick results that do not last long. Furthermore, they contain chemicals that can be harmful to kids and pets. They also cause environmental pollution.

lawn care practices that guarantee of an attractive garden

Address the Cause

Are you having frequent problems with weeds? You can reduce weeds by addressing what allows them to flourish. Mowing and more often, rectifying drainage issues, watering deeply not regularly, using locally adapted grass and improving soil conditions are non-toxic solutions that curb weeds. Herbicides are dangerous and pose health risks. They are also a waste of money.

lawn care practices that guarantee of an attractive garden

Mow High

Mowing your lawn is beneficial for grass and is a healthy practice. Since grass grows from the bottom, you are simply trimming the old section. Cutting higher shades the roots. It also promotes a deeper root system. Deep roots access to water that is deep in the soil. This gives the grass a reserve power for dry spells. Mowing short allows the sun to reach weeds, making them flourish. This will slowly kill your lawn.

Leave Cut Grass

Let the clippings lie. They easily break down encouraging earthworms and beneficial microorganisms that maintain healthy soil. However, if you are mowing overly long grass, you should attach a grass catcher. If you leave it on the lawn, it will smother and mat the grass. Raked clippings are short lived. They easily decompose and are a source of nitrogen substantially reducing the amount of fertilizer needed.

Keep Insects Away

Chemical insecticides are deadly pollutants. Preventing insects from infesting your lawn is the safest way to avoid damage. A healthy garden discourages insects from coming. You can achieve this by removing any weak plants and building organic soil. If need be, using sprays that are essential oil based.


Loosening the soils top layer allows water, sunlight, nutrient, and air to penetrate through. This promotes the growth of grass. If you spot thatch on the soil, then it’s time to aerate. Leave the removed thatch to decompose for extra nutrition.

When choosing a lawn care routine, you should consider longevity, safety, and heartiness. Quick fixes often lead to fleeting dependency and fragility. Healthy soil will give you a durable turf with better disease resistance and drought tolerance.

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