Stainless Steel Bowl Hanging Planter DIY

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30 Minutes

If you love how the pothos looks in this stainless steel bowl hanging planter, make sure to check out my post on about how I built some drainage into the bottom of this planter to keep my pothos happy and healthy.

To make this planter, first grab a stainless steel bowl. It can be new or old and would be a perfect upcycle if you already have a bowl. I didn't have any, but I picked one up from Ikea in their

stainless steel bowl hanging planter diy

Next I deprived my cat of her wonderful new bet by booting her out of it and using a drill and drill bit to drill three holes in the bowl equidistant from one another.

stainless steel bowl hanging planter diy

Wear hand and eye protection here, and have a helper if you're a weakling like I am. The stainless steel can "jerk" on the drill once it grabs on to the bit. Otherwise, it's pretty easy once you get the hang of drilling the first hole. I had to press pretty first I thought it wasn't going to drill through, but I just had to apply enough pressure. The gloves and glasses are also important on the off change a shard of the bowl goes flying while you're drilling.

Next I gave my bowl a few coats of spray paint I had on hand to make it pretty and protect from rust.

I used a drill bit wide enough to fit the little quick links I picked up. I put a link through each hole and then a piece of chain on each link. Make sure each piece of chain is the same length and that it and the quick links can support the weight of the plant.

stainless steel bowl hanging planter diy

Remember to use screw hooks in studs and anchors that are rated for the proper weight in drywall. I was able to screw directly into a ceiling joist here, which is awesome because I am not a huge fan of the massive holes drywall anchors can make.

Thoughts? I love it so much I made two more! One is the same color but in our bedroom, and the other is black. I think they turned out incredibly chic looking for very little money—and they are super sturdy if you get the right hardware.

stainless steel bowl hanging planter diy

Not counting paint drying time, you can complete this project in under 30 minutes! Read more about this DIY and grab some more pics and tips at the original post linked below!

Suggested materials:

  • Stainless steel bowl  (Ikea)
  • Gold spray paint
  • Quick links
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