How do I pick a deck stain?


Any good suggestions on picking a deck stain for weathered Trex to go with a brown house. I would rather not use brown as too much brown already. Also, door color suggestions?

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  • Bijous Bijous on Nov 06, 2018

    Hi. I'd go with a light grey that has a brown undertone. You may need to custom mix the stain. It can be done. As for the door, it depends on your style. Peach has become extremely popular. Blue is always a nice complement for brown and red is the all time stand-by. Happy Decorating!

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Nov 06, 2018

    Burgandy looks nice as a deck color and door color with brown. Look at New London Burgandy from Bengimim Moore.

  • Rae Rae on Nov 07, 2018

    When you say Trex this has me wondering. I am getting ready to redo my deck and Trex is one of the products I had considered due to it's low maintenance. If this is Trex will it take a stain?

  • Sandra Webster Sandra Webster on Nov 07, 2018

    From what I have researched, yes you can paint or stain it. My has a ton of sun damage and has lost it's color.

  • Jane Slater Jane Slater on Nov 07, 2018

    A light weathered grey/blue would look good with brown.

  • Sandra Webster Sandra Webster on Nov 07, 2018

    Thanks! Getting my swatches today. Thanks to all who offered suggestions.

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