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Asked 20 hours ago

How to add greenery to my kitchen?

PamelaJean C AndrewsNancy Turner


I had asked a question about my kitchen wall looking empty earlier and followed peoples advice about plants.. I had one I added.. I feel it looks better already. Thanks everyone! FYI.. that’s my grandsons artwork on my chalkboard cabinet doors :)

q added greenery to cabinet
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  • Bonnie
    20 hours ago

    I know it’s a hanging basket and I need a nice plant vase!

  • Love your grandson's artwork Bonnie - chalkboard cabinets are a brilliant idea :)

  • Nancy Turner
    16 hours ago

    You could hang the plant in the corner, it would help fill in the corner and perhaps find a plant to put on the cabinet that won't interfere so much with opening and closing that door. Been there, done that in the past and the plant ended up getting damaged. It may be best to use an artificial plant on the cabinet as they will be much more forgiving if it gets shut in the door.

  • Jean C Andrews
    12 hours ago

    I am with Nancy. You could put the hanging plant in the corner. It will save you space. I would put two objects of the same size on both ends of the cabinet. This will also balance them.

  • Pamela
    5 hours ago

    I , also agree , with hanging the plant in the corner . Maybe make a succulent bowl to place where you have the plant now.

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