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Asked 8 days ago

How do I add finishing touches to this area of my home?

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Just update kitchen with some pictures

q update adding finishing touches
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  • Mogie
    7 days ago

    Bonnie you don't want to add anymore. You might even take some of the stuff away. Remember less is more. You want to draw attention to a few key items. Some color on the wall behind the microwave would be nice.

  • Sharon
    7 days ago

    Absolutely!! You have clutter!!! Scale down on the wall hangings etc....

  • I think removing the plant would help a lot.

  • Linda Sikut
    7 days ago

    Hi Bonnie,

    I'm Linda and I'm a Hometalk helper. In looking at what you have, one thing that I see missing is an accent color. I'd start by removing the handle from the plant pot on the left. Then I'd put that on the right - in the corner - and trim it so it doesn't hang quite so low. I'd also take the chair out of that section. I'd pick a nice bright color for new candles, make them the same size and use them on either side of the photos that look like they are important to you. I'd also match the frames of the photos using matting to make them the same size. I think silver frames would update that area. The unit itself if filled with chalk drawings. I think they are cute, but if you're looking for style, they should be erased and the area washed so that it looks less cluttered.

    I'd also move the two items on the floor at the right of the unit and move the wax melter to a different area. The tiered item, might work on the left side. I'd try that to see if it looks more balanced. Throughout my thinking process, I'm assuming that you want to keep these items on your unit. I just think moving them around and adjusting them would bring a less cluttered look. If you'd like to change the color of the unit itself, I think that a soft gray would make a difference. As far as an accent color the only thing I've suggested is colored candles. One thought would be to add something with your accent color to the 3 tiered unit. You could use yarn balls, plain colored Christmas balls, or something else that fits nicely and still adds your accent color. I hope these thoughts help you showcase these items that seem important to you with a less cluttered look. Wishing you the best!

  • Lynn Sorrell
    7 days ago

    I used to have an old yellow kitchen set exactly like the chair in your picture!

  • Lynn Sorrell
    7 days ago

    No KEEP the plant(don't trim it)and the hanger it's got & just use it as intended and hang it up in corner put the mirror where the plant is & that will free up some space balancing the 2 heavier objects.Add the single picture between the other 2,so the three are together, groupings of odd numbers work best in decor. The black looks fine since it ties in with appliances,and yellow chair looks fine it's a great pop of color put some yellow candies in the tiered dish to match chair like wrapped lemon drops. here's link to get yellow candy for dish

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