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Asked 7 hours ago

How do I repair my shower ceiling?

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What is the best cheapest way to repair my shower ceiling? The paint is starting to crack from the humidity. I thought about those peel and stick tiles but I don't know if that will work or will it be waterproof or mold.

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  • You can scrape and patch, prime with Oil based primer and paint with oil based paint. But you really need to invest in an exhaust fan or it will continue to crack and peel.

  • Mogie
    6 hours ago

    Do you have some sort of exhaust fan in your bathroom? Appears to be too much moisture. You need to fix that problem first.

  • I ready dont think you have any option other than to sand it all off. Use a good primer and a paint suitable for bathroom ceilings.

  • Linda Sikut
    4 hours ago

    Hi Chenequa,

    I'm Linda and a Hometalk helper. I agree with the others. The best way to fix it is to sand it down, patch the area, sand it smooth then prime with an oil based primer and paint it with a product specifically designed for areas with more moisture. I found a tutorial from Home Painters Toronto. Of course, they say at the end that if you can't doing it yourself to give them a call. There tutorial is partly an ad for their service, but their information is good so just ignore the ad part. :) Here's the link to their article. I hope this helps you. Wishing you the best!

  • Thanks for all the help everyone. I will have my exhaust fan checked. Maybe it's not working properly. And after ill scrap prime and paint

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