What color for front door?

I planted white and pink hydrangeas in the front of the house. Now I want to paint the front door/doors. Can't decide on color or if I should paint the aluminum storm door or just the wooden interior door. Suggestions on further landscaping would be welcome too. I don't have a green thumb and don't enjoy weeding so I was planning on getting some mulch to put around the plants, they are supposed to get quite big. Thanks for any help.
q what color for front door, curb appeal, doors, This is the front of the house New windows with vinyl casings so I won t paint those But the front door or doors need some color I think
This is the front of the house. New windows with vinyl casings, so I won't paint those. But the front door or doors need some color I think.
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  • Judy J. Judy J. on Jul 02, 2014
    I think a bright sunny yellow would be pretty. If you want to keep the storm door white that's fine since you have new white window casings, but you can paint them, too, either to match door or contrast with it.
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    • Priscilla Priscilla on Jul 04, 2014
      @Ann - What colors are in the room the door opens into? If you leave the door open, you need a color that will blend. It does need a color that will 'pop' but blend.
  • Donna Byram Donna Byram on Jul 02, 2014
    I would use a dark burgundy on your front door and leave the storm door white to go with your new windows. Also for curb appeal I would plant some dwarf nandinas for low maintenance and before mulching put down layers of newspaper or cardboard for weed control. If you can, edge your beds with landscape blocks or rocks.
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    • Donna Byram Donna Byram on Jul 30, 2014
      @Cheryl they are very popular here in Arkansas as a shrub. I too have several around my home and love them. No maintenance is the best part!
  • Saundra M Saundra M on Jul 04, 2014
    I think a dark red would be pretty.
  • Duffy V Duffy V on Jul 04, 2014
    Dark red or burgundy. No yellow.
  • Kimberley Kelley Kimberley Kelley on Jul 04, 2014
  • Diane W Diane W on Jul 04, 2014
    Perhaps you could put shutters up on the windows.
  • Teresa Zietz-Coon Teresa Zietz-Coon on Jul 04, 2014
  • Laura Oliver Laura Oliver on Jul 04, 2014
    How about a pretty shade of blue, such as birds' eggblue, with shutters to match, framing the windows? Widening the sidewalk/ curving it to lead out to a driveway..? might add to the curb appeal.
  • Christine Ellsworth Christine Ellsworth on Jul 04, 2014
    I would paint the door white, Make white flower boxes under the window with white flowers and hanging green ivy. (The boxes could have details with black iron like the front door. ). I would have white blinds on the windows seen from outside. Place the bird feeder on the right side( where the flag is) Use with white or black bird feeders or white flowers again to pull the colors together. Add another flower pot like the one you have on the other side that matches, or buy larger ones that are black or white , placing them in front of the steps on each side of course. .Black mulch would pull the look as well!
  • Barbara Chapman Barbara Chapman on Jul 04, 2014
    At first I thought yellow also, then I read all the other ideas and suggestions. If you do the red brick pavers to edge the sidewalk (wonderful idea) and the flower beds, I would go with the dark burgundy front door! I have seen the black mulch and it is really outstanding, go with that around your plants! Wonderful ideas all around!!!
  • Donna Tracey Donna Tracey on Jul 04, 2014
    I agree with the burgandy door and leave storm door white to match trim
  • Par359356 Par359356 on Jul 04, 2014
    I would replace the storm door with a full glass one if it's in the budget...a nice navy blue door with matching shutters will make the white trim pop. I would also edge your beds with a straight edge shovel about 5 o" or so.... so they appear raised then add mulch. For the sidewalk, you could try to work with what you have by planting small sttrips of perennials with mulch again, faux raised on either side or get some sweat equity going with new pavers and paintining the steps the same color as your pavers !!! :)
  • Trish Trish on Jul 04, 2014
    Burgundy and leave the storm door
  • Shelley Ellis Shelley Ellis on Jul 04, 2014
    We have a storm door just like that, and we painted it. We even painted the panels a different color. Our storm door is barn red with teal panels. It looks great - makes the house look even more like a cottage.
  • Valerie Hammond Valerie Hammond on Jul 04, 2014
    I would maybe highlight the x with same color your painting the door otherwise I wouldn't paint it unless it showing a lot of wear painted my moms last summer was just like your showed every brush mark finally used roller and just highlighted the details left remainder white
  • Pam W Pam W on Jul 04, 2014
    inky blue for door and facing
  • Donna Donna on Jul 04, 2014
    I think that yellow is not enough contrast to the brown/ tans of your house. It would be a good idea if it is in the budget to have a full glass/screen door. The storm door looks like a storm door for a back or side of the house. The house numbers should be under the front light too. You could definitely give more character to the front with a dark color for the door. But before you decide try to think if you are going to replace the walkway. A nice brick walkway with a curve to it would enhance the curb appeal. Then I would also find a different light for the porch too.
  • Donna Donna on Jul 04, 2014
    Oh and whatever is that under the mail box. It needs to go.
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    • LaDonna Castle LaDonna Castle on Jul 05, 2014
      @Donna I would like to see the paper box free standing in the flowerbed with a vine growing on the post.
  • Janet J Janet J on Jul 04, 2014
    I think shutters would make a huge difference. Maybe paint the door the same color or a contrasting color. I also think that hand rails on the porch, would be nice.
  • Good start. My suggestion is to add more plants . Trees on the edges and or front. Add some interest to middle and or corners edges of yard to reduce lawn size . Perhaps add some edible and magickal garden- thereby reducing the flat one dimension of the front of your home. Adding subtle darker tones to may reduce the bore, yet a chalk wash on brick - even yogurt -( moss growth ) . The house is essentially a blank canvas- add all year interest and LAYER
  • Sue Good Sue Good on Jul 04, 2014
    If it were my place I would go for the cottage look.The place is screaming for flowers and pots of flowers and window boxes with flowers,flowering shrubs such as flowering almond and rose of sharon and 100's of spring bulbs,daffodils,tulips,hyacinths,roses a dogwood and/ or a weeping cherry or yoshino cherry tree. an arbor might be nice ,a small solar fountain and solar lights.I might consider painting the dreary beige brick with a pastel yellow and paint the door navy blue! Those colors are amazing together! by the bird feeder you need a nice birdbath too!
  • Hortensia Pugh Hortensia Pugh on Jul 04, 2014
    I would add a nice covered deck, nothing too big and then plant the hydrangeas in front...
  • Loretta Goodman Loretta Goodman on Jul 04, 2014
    I love touquoise right now if you're not afraid of color.if you look on the Sherwin Williams website, you can use your picture, pick a color, touch the door in your pic and it will color it so you can see exactly what color looks good. Good luck!!
  • Kitty Kitty on Jul 04, 2014
  • Cheryl Cheryl on Jul 04, 2014
    Lots of great ideas! My house is similar in color. We added black shutters, full glass door, black light fixture/mailbox. I love hydrangea, however think you also need to add permanent greenery shrubs for winter months. One on each side of the front door and perhaps on the end corners of the house too! Roses are also long term bloomers and would go well with the dark burgundy door color that @Donna Byram mentioned in an earlier post. Widening the walkway to the full length of the stairs would also be another thought. Look forward to seeing your completed photos...GOOD LUCK!
  • Vickie W Vickie W on Jul 04, 2014
    A red door would be really pretty.
  • Priscilla Priscilla on Jul 04, 2014
    What colors are in the room the door opens into? If you leave the door open, you need a color that will blend. It does need a color that will 'pop' but blend.
    • Carol Marcusse Carol Marcusse on Jul 05, 2014
      Agree. Paintedy front door red and loved it from outside but hated it when door was open into entry and living room
  • Debra barr Debra barr on Jul 05, 2014
  • Cindy Cindy on Jul 05, 2014
    Just a little FYI... Hydrangeas are known to change colors, depending on the alkaline/acidity of the soil. Something to keep in mind, most gardening stores have additives to help keep or change the colors. I like the idea of adding shutters & painting the front door to match. Leave the storm door white to tie in casings on the windows. Good luck!
  • Stacey Longest Stacey Longest on Jul 05, 2014
    Do projects in stages. Maybe window boxes and create flower beds first, then work on planting some shrubbery that will fill in as time goes on. You can maybe paint the front door a color that coordinates with flowers or flowerpots on the front step. When budget allows build a larger porch. A new porch light and mailbox would make a quick weekend project that can be completed with little expense.
  • Linda Kosakowski Linda Kosakowski on Jul 05, 2014
    I would love to see the inside door a rich "Purr-ple"! Not burgandy or maroon but Purple! Go for it!
  • Sandra T Sandra T on Jul 05, 2014
    I love red are a dark brick color for that white door. you need more plants. Maybe some roses. I have knock out roses in front and they are in bloom most of the time
  • Terri W Terri W on Jul 05, 2014
    Gabled Portico over front door would do wonders, and "open" it up, make more inviting, improve roof line. Red or Blue door, I like the Turquoise mentioned above. Look for plants/shrubs that will get no no taller than 8-10'. Dwarf conifers would be a good start, combine with hydrangeas, perennials that coordinate/contrast. Wrong windows for shutters or window boxes, however. Keep white as your trim, as everywhere is white, you do not want to add too many colors to the mix...
  • White Oak Studio Designs White Oak Studio Designs on Jul 05, 2014
    What color makes you heart sing? Choose that. I think the idea of shutters on each side of the door and the big picture windows would "countryfy" this home greatly.
  • Sherilyn Vars Sherilyn Vars on Jul 05, 2014
    I see that you have an overhang on your roof. I would put posts for a "fake" porch look, go down the sidewalk with beds for either flowers or shrubs, depending on what you like and add more flowers in front. I'm not one for shrubs in front of the house for safety reasons. The doors, I would paint only the interior door. The screen door matches the casings on the windows. The door would be very pretty in a color that you like. I would paint it an accent color of the room it opens into....
  • Toni Pepitone Kirksey Toni Pepitone Kirksey on Jul 05, 2014
    I painted mine a deep plum- I think it would look great with the brick color- then maybe add some window boxes painted same-
  • Ruth Helcamp Ruth Helcamp on Jul 05, 2014
    Add shutters in dark brown and paint the door dark brown tootAKE the wreath off the wall, and hang it on the door using bright yellow and white flowers.plus...and you really need two nice arborvitae evergreens on either side of the door. Carve out a nice flower bed the full length of the house and add red cedar mulch and some more perrenial plants. This place is too plain on the front.
  • Mom233426 Mom233426 on Jul 05, 2014
    Be brave! I hesitated for a long time to paint my while/primed doors but at places like Home Depot, you can put a piece of almost anything under the color "thing" and it gives you ideas for cordinating colors. So could use color of house/roof for instance. But, it's only paint, use what you love, bring home some color chips, tape on door and look at it from walkway. Then add a DIY wreath , inexpensive flowers or hostas along walkway, at some point window boxes would be pretty on your house. Do it in steps. Good luck!
  • Pat Pat on Jul 05, 2014
    A quiet gold color................