Asked on Nov 10, 2018

How to clean Kitchen Cabinets without rinsing?

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I am renting for the next year. The Kitchen cabinets feel like old cooking grease on the doors. My husband has Alzheimers which takes up most of my day. I don't have a lot of time for cleaning. I need to clean them, but would rather not spend time rinsing them. Is there something that will allow me to do this?

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  • Suz15874268
    on Nov 10, 2018

    Try ammonia and water Or Dishsoap,vinegar and water.

    pinterest is a great forum for cleaning ideas

  • Oh dear. I feel you. We have had to care for 3 in my family with Alzheimer's. Get help! Or you will go bonkers. There are agencies to help you. Your doctors should put you in touch and you need a social worker too. In the mean time just do one cabinet at a time. Just about any remedy, whether it be dish soap, vinegar or a commercial cleaner, will need to be rinsed. Just do one cabinet door at a time when you can squeeze in a minute or two here and there.

  • Deb K
    Deb K
    on Nov 10, 2018

    Hi Samantha, check out this site, the only other thing I think would help is diluted vinegar or Mr Clean and a microfiber cloth, you will not need to rinse if the cleaner is diluted with water

  • Jeremy Hoffpauir
    Jeremy Hoffpauir
    on Nov 10, 2018

    Hi Samantha,

    Mix 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of Murphy's Oil Soap into a gallon of warm water, the amount determined by the type of cleaning your cabinets need: mild or deep. Wipe the cabinet surfaces first with a microfiber cloth to remove dust; then dip a sponge or lint-free cloth into the water, wringing out most of the moisture. Wipe down the cabinet surfaces, rinsing the sponge or cloth out and dipping it back into the soapy water as needed. Use oil soap only on sealed woods or laminate surfaces, rather than on unfinished or waxed wood, as the moisture may harm such wood.

    Hope this helps!

  • Kelly-n-Tony
    on Nov 11, 2018

    Easiest thing is to get a no rinse degreaser in a spray bottle---

    I wish you the best Samantha...

  • Rachel's Trash~2~Treasures
    Rachel's Trash~2~Treasures
    on Nov 11, 2018

    Clear non sudsing ammonia is the only thing that will cut through grease and not leave behind any film or soapy residue. Vinegar may help some but even straight vinegar won't cut through the grease if it's been there long. Good luck! Oh, and naomie is right about getting some help. Call up family, friends, even if they can only sit with him for an hour or so go get a pedicure or something for YOU. Sometimes we put self care on the back burner but for your own mental health you should make it a priority, even if it's only once a month

  • Bev
    on Nov 21, 2018

    I've found that 20 Mule Team Borax is great for cutting grease & soap film without damaging the surfaces. Some of the cleaner can make the 'powder paint' on sufaces like range hoods tacky...

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