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Marigolds in the Vegetable Garden? Yes and Here's Why!

We’re trying something new this year: planting marigolds in the vegetable garden. I’ve read about the benefits of marigolds in several gardening books, and am hopeful our little experiment works!
Marigolds help to repel bugs, especially mosquitoes and gnats.
Marigolds can keep pesky rabbits out of your garden.
Marigolds will keep moles out of your garden, as they dislike the taste of the roots.
Marigolds draw beneficial insects (bees, etc.) into the garden to pollinate the vegetable flowers.
Marigolds draw beneficial insects that will eat up some of the bad bugs you don’t want on your vegetables.
Marigolds won’t crowd your veggies as they grow. Marigolds are good neighbors.
One note of caution: Marigolds attract spider mites. We don’t like to use any chemicals on or around our veggies, so any treatment has to be natural and organic. Simply taking a hose to the marigolds will knock the spider mites off, no problem.

To see more: http://www.livecreativelyinspired.com/marigolds-in-the-vegetable-garden-yes/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Carole
    Carole Australia
    on Jul 2, 2014

    I planted some of these in our raised veg bed and they came back two years in a row. I think it must be that some of the seed pods dropped in the soil, so I was wrapped to see that they kept on giving without me having to plant new seedlings. When the veggies are all harvested there is still something to look at in the bed.

    • Laura, Pet Scribbles
      Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
      on Jul 3, 2014

      @Carole That's what I'm hoping too Carole: that our vegetable bed will still be nice to look at in the Fall! :)

  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    on Jul 2, 2014

    Here's hoping your experiment proves successful.

  • Leslie Long
    Leslie Long Bowling Green, FL
    on Jul 2, 2014

    My other always planted them in our veggie gardens too keep the critters away. She said the smell will ward off mosts pests.

  • Laura, Pet Scribbles
    Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    on Jul 3, 2014

    I've heard this too Leslie - re: the smell. Of course, I personally like the unique marigold scent! :)

  • Better Outdoor Living at Home
    Better Outdoor Living at Home Columbus, OH
    on Jul 3, 2014

    No chemicals = a healthy yard for family and pets! Thanks for the tip :) ~M

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