How do I create closet space when there are no closet ?


My husband and I moved from a five bedroom house to a two bedroom house . There is only one closet and it’s so very small. Right now it’s full of my husband’s stuff. I think it would be ideal for a linen closet.

I use plant hangers screwed to the wall to hang my husbands clothes on in our bedroom. I used what I had on hand ( plant hangers).

I have enough supplies to build one closet ,I also have plenty of paint, but I’m unsure where to put it. I also need a pantry instead of open shelving.

Our house is very small. We moved here thinking it would be easier for me to manage. I and my husband have physical disabilities. I don’t have a camera and my phone camera doesn’t work...... or I would send pictures. I bought a double rod clothes rack from Walmart and I cannot keep it together. I’m going to glue it together, lol.

Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know it will be hard without pictures.

Thank you Hometalk! Kim Stutler

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  • Lizbeth Lizbeth on Nov 11, 2018

    I don't have much knowledge about building closets. Is the bedroom large enough to hold a free-standing wardrobe? Or could you get the kind of bed that has drawers built into its base? (Don't know whether access would be a problem with your disabilities but certainly linens and clothes that are typically folded could be stored that way.)

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    • Kim Stutler Kim Stutler on Nov 11, 2018

      Thank you Lizbeth for your ideas. I hadn’t considered those options.

      My dad taught me how to use power tools,lol. I’m blessed by that.

  • Carol luttrell Carol luttrell on Nov 11, 2018

    This must be challlenging for you, it would be for me. Have you thought about taking part of the 2nd bedroom to build a closet? A corner would work well and at the same time be a different look to the room insofar by painting the wood and adding charms you’ve collected through out your years. Inside draw out on paper first how to utilize this space to the fullest. Maybe having two deep rods installed accommodating coats on the back rod and clothes on the front rod. If you have these rods installed cross ways inside your new closet. Don’t forget to use the area on thyinsid of the door. The front space on both sides of the door, maybe triangle shelving to fit snugly. A piece of wood nailed down lower in there would work for shoe storage. This would leave your floor clear to to prevent falls. I really wish I could lend you my husband, he’s great at things like this. LOL. Be careful and accept help from neighbors and friends, it’s ok to ask them. God Bless Carol KY

    • Kim Stutler Kim Stutler on Nov 11, 2018

      I have been thinking about building a closet in our spare bedroom. I love all of you’re ideas you have for the inside! My thinking didn’t go that far. The room isn’t that big so I’m going to have to really be creative.

      I think a corner closet would work best in there. My husband says the boys can’t come and build it because of their jobs. The neighbors the few that we have are women and have no knowledge of power tools. I’m in the process of trying to find someone who has a circular saw that I could borrow.

      We live in Wv so our neighbors are few, lol.

      I think I might be able to build it. It will just take me a while.

      Thank you Carol, god bless you also

  • Linda Linda on Nov 11, 2018

    If you do glue it together use E6000. I would just purchase a couple of wardrobes. Also Lowes carries inexpensive units a well

    • Kim Stutler Kim Stutler on Nov 11, 2018

      Lol I have plenty of E6000 . That’s a really good idea. It would also be easier for me. Thank you so much Linda.

  • Oliva Oliva on Nov 11, 2018

    Can you putchase armoires, or extra tall cabinets that you can customize, such as the PAX system at Ikea, which they will deliver and assemble, for you?

    Make use of any vertical space, but in the end, you'll most likely have to sell or donate many of your current belongings.

    • Kim Stutler Kim Stutler on Nov 11, 2018

      I have to save in order to purchase anything. I have already did a purge of our items. I do that on a regular basis now. The building materials we have were given to us after the flood on 6/23/2016 . Thank you so much for your ideas and thoughts. I’m going to check out the PAX system.

  • Agnes Chrzanowska Agnes Chrzanowska on May 31, 2021

    there are lots of closet ideas at Ikea in a smallest of the spaces .. check their site up