6 Unexpected Bathroom Makeover Ideas

See how a few creative touches can turn a bathroom into a sanctuary.

By Tikva Morrow

Shimmering from Floor to Ceiling Master Bath

The reflective touches, like the fixtures, beveled mirror, and gem-dripped chandelier help to make this space shine.

Shiplap Wainscoting with Grey Above

Shiplap wainscoting is the perfect trend to set off any wall paint color and really make that accent pop.

Marble Mosaic Backsplash

While your neighbors are dreaming of subway tile, you can take it a step up and getting creative with marble.

Black and Wood Accents on a White Wall

True, it's not traditional, but using deep, dark pops and unfinished wood can really create a dreamy farmhouse vibe.

Tripped out Tile Tubs and Showers

This tile trend is a great way to save on time and costs. Pick a small bathroom spot to highlight with intricate tile!

Accent Corners instead of accent walls

A great design can turn just a corner or small strip of wall into the center of the bathroom.