Can I put new tile over the old on my fireplace?


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  • Jeremy Hoffpauir Jeremy Hoffpauir on Nov 16, 2018

    Yes, you can tile over existing tiles if the wall is sturdy and none of the old tiles is cracked or loose. If there are only a few loose tiles, remove and clean them, then reinstall them with fresh adhesive before retiling the wall.

  • Sally Sally on Nov 16, 2018

    Thanks! Just what I wanted to hear! 👍

  • DW DW on Nov 17, 2018

    i would add, clean the surface of the old tile REAL WELL before putting the mastic for the new tile can’t get it too clean..and i personally would make sure none of the old grout is above the surface of the old tile,,,usually found around the low corners .. if so, grind, sand down or wire brush down...then clean again with something that does not leave a residue...good luck!

  • Sally Sally on Nov 17, 2018

    thank you! After the holidays this might be my winter project!

  • Alice Alice on Nov 18, 2018

    I would think that as long as your tiles weren't loose or cracked and with your tile being small, as long as the new tiles adhered to them easily, you could tile over your existing tiles.

  • Sally Sally on Nov 18, 2018

    Thank You Alice!

  • Anna Anna on Nov 18, 2018

    What kind of paint can I use to paint the Fireplace?

    • Sally Sally on Nov 19, 2018

      years ago I used plain old wall paint (gray) to paint over my red brick fireplace. Worked great!