How do I remove burned on black marks on my smooth stovetop?


A few years ago, hot oil/grease from a pan I was frying chicken in overflowed onto my smooth stovetop burner. When the area had cooled sufficiently, I wiped/cleaned up the area with a sponge. The oil had burned onto the burner surface, leaving a big black ring that I can’t remove. I’ve tried using the Wieman’s (sp.?) ceramic stovetop liquid cleanser that dries into sort of a paste when applied, and then you wipe /scrub it off with “elbow grease” using a paper towel.

It doesn’t work, doesn’t do anything to the black mark. The mark appears to have burned into the ceramic top; when I run my hand over the mark it is smooth, no edges and it’s not raised on the surface.

Didn't think I should use a Brillo pad on a smooth stovetop burner for fear of scratching it badly.

is there any solution to remove the mark, or am stuck with it forever (no pun intended)?


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