How to get rid of moles and voles?

about 4 years ago, i first started seeing mole tunnels in my lawn - what a nuisance tamping them down before mowing so as not to shave off sod. well, i let time go by without being pro-active and people tell me the moles have eaten all the grubs - so the voles now use the tunnels to get to roots of all my perennials. my gardens used to be lush and carefree - now, there are smaller plants and few blooms. and some gone entirely! the useless pests seem so invulnerable [invisible , for one! never spotted one of either pest] so i was always discouraged to try and untrusting of any product claiming it worked. i am so disheartened by my languishing gardens - i need these useless and damaging animals dead and gone.

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  • Mad29883817 Mad29883817 on Nov 19, 2018

    Try cayenne pepper spreading it throughout where holes are

    • Gail Bishop Gail Bishop on Nov 19, 2018

      i actually bought a few jars of cayenne at the dollar store a while back, only ASSUMING it would be good for something in the garden. i will sprinkle liberally! haha!

      thanx mad29....

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Nov 19, 2018

    UGh, I know the feeling Gail. They can be terribly destructive. Hopefully this article will help out so you can get your beautiful garden back -

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    • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Nov 19, 2018

      You're most welcome Gail. I hope it works for you. Losing a garden and bulbs to them is heartbreaking

  • Simone Simone on Nov 19, 2018

    My husband uses a sort of "smoke bombs" at work and he needs to make sure its safe because its around the watertank of our village.

    And if you want to make sure they don't come back, maybe you could think about having a cat? They don't like loud noises and vibrations, too.

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