How do I clean a cast iron skillet?


how do I clean my cast iron skillet without washing it with soap and water?

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  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Nov 19, 2018

    That's how I clean mine, then spray it with Pam and wipe down.

  • Dfm Dfm on Nov 20, 2018

    Soap and water....just don’t leave it in the sink, rinse off the part that comes in contact with food. Dry the pan over low heat,Then re oil the pan.

  • I have some that have not seen water for decades. Just wipe out after each use.

    If you do decide to wash it, the pan needs to be reseasoned immediately to prevent rust. Never store a wet cast iron piece.

  • Joseph Glackin Joseph Glackin on Nov 20, 2018

    I have skillets over 100 years old. When you are through cooking, pour water into hot pan. Take it to the sink and run water through pan I use a scouring pad to scrape off anything sticking. When it is smooth, wipe dry with a paper towel. I usuallly only season a pan once. Rub with bacon fat and put in 200 degree oven for 2 hours. Wipe dry when cool.

  • Hi Karen - This is a great tutorial on how to clean, season, and care for cast iron skillets. Hope it helps! Hugs, Holly

  • Jmi16269034 Jmi16269034 on Nov 20, 2018

    I’ve had great luck with kosher salt and paper towels. No water.. If you are concerned about bacteria, reheat the pan after cleaning.

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