Ugly sunroom carpeting in rental home/need suggestions

Any DIY suggestions for sunroom carpeting that is glued to the floor. It has some spotting so wondered if there is a dye or paint that might spruce it's a brown tone. We are retired and on a limited budget so can't afford to replace. Thank you
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  • Dahlia Dahlia on Jul 05, 2014
    Two suggestions... Even tho you did not mention how big your room is I will go ahead and suggest the following... 1. Both Lowe's and Home Depot have an indoor/outdoor section that carries various sizes of lovely textured rugs that you can lay to the size of your room or just inside the borders. Depending on your budget you could cover the whole of the room or just a conversational area. 2. Once I crocheted hemp into an area rug using a very large hook and an afghan pattern. It was lovely, went together quickly and was durable for quite a long time. If you enjoy crochet this might be an option.
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    • Lin S Lin S on Jul 05, 2014
      @Jeanette S I should add I do have an area sized rug in there now that was in my family room of the house we 8ft octagonal but does not cover enough to look well. Am getting new sunroom furniture for my birthday so wanted the floor to look nice as well....really can't spend much after getting new furniture. Thank you for your comment though.
  • Lin S Lin S on Jul 05, 2014
    Thank you for such a prompt reply! I have considered buying a rug for a portion of the room but found them still a bit pricey. I used to crochet a lot but due to arthritis in my fingers would not be able to handle that big a project anymore. I just discovered upholstery fabric paint can be used on carpeting too so am going to check on that locally as could cover the whole room for $60 . I'll take before and after pics and post if I should go this route. Feeling hopeful!
  • Janet Hill Janet Hill on Jul 05, 2014
    A paper bag floor would be durable and awesome. I have almost my whole house done in paper bag and will never lay anything else. I did the work myself. Low cost. :)
  • Lin S Lin S on Jul 05, 2014
    Since this is just a rental home for the present am not looking for something too complicated...the carpeting is glued down so would be a project removing in itself. Thanks for your input but I am looking for an inexpensive quick fix. I just learned about upholstery fabric spray paint that works well on carpets so sounds like the easiest way to go so far....wonder if anyone has tried it?
  • Marsha Sevek Marsha Sevek on Jul 05, 2014
    I have the same problem in my room attached to the garage. The carpet is glued to cement. I'm not sure if you can dye it. Most synthetic carpets will not take a dye. You could try a small spot to test it. There are many places to get an area rug fairly inexpensive - I would suggest Garden Ridge if you have one near you. - this seems to be the easiest, quickest fix - and you can take it with you when you leave.
  • Natty Bee Natty Bee on Jul 05, 2014
    There are also carpet dyes that can be sprayed on with a pump sprayer. I've read some reviews on the upholstery spray paint and it sounds like each can doesn't go a long way and is very expensive. I have no experience in either so just suggesting you do some research in carpet dyes as it is carpets specifically that they are made for.
  • Wendy Willey Wendy Willey on Jul 05, 2014
    Call around to some of the Carpet Cleaning companies in your area...some of them may dye carpets too! Shouldn't cost more than a good cleaning and by doing this they clean it as well. You never mentioned what color the carpet is now?!?!?!
  • Lin S Lin S on Jul 05, 2014
    The upholstery spray paint I have read about is nontoxic and absorbs into the carpet so is a paint not a sounded promising and said 6 cans would cover a room the size of mine. It comes at a discount on Amazon. My indoor/outdoor carpeting is a brown tone which navy blue should cover can go darker but not lighter with the paint. I've seen on hometalk where others have painted patterns on their worn existing rugs...then found this fabric paint that works on carpets as well. If I can find it locally will buy 1 can to test it first then order the 6pk from Amazon for $57. It's worth a try!
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jul 06, 2014
    If the home is a rental, go for the most reasonably priced solution..... cheap area rug, etc. If you ever move back, that is the time to consider a more permanent fix.