These Entryway Makeovers Just Flew to the Top of Our to Do List!

Guests will be stunned as they walk through your door

By Hometalk Highlights


Do you have a space that is just not working for you? For us, it was our mudroom

I added some wall boards

These wall boards are white washed hardwood and are from Weber Lumber.

Next up, wallpaper

I love it because it has just enough blue to add color to this space while keeping the “vintage” feel.

Here's the $59 cabinet that started it all

I loved the functionality of the shelf, but I still felt like it still looked like a “shelf.”

I added some reclaimed wood

I actually had some wood boards leftover from my headboard, and I added them to finish the bench.


The last thing I did was add a little molding to both sides of the wood boards to make it look finished.

Building the bench

We built up the bench using a plywood frame.

The shelves

To add the shelving, we started by adding 2x3's (use a level!) and securing to the wall.

Entryway mudroom makeover - almost there

Before we painted, we made sure the shelves fit between the 2x3s

Added some paint and the shelves and viola!

The AFTER: So much easier to keep organized!

Foyer Makeover

This tiny front foyer was the perfect blank canvas to have some fun.

Love our new modern foyer!

In this case, the tile work is my focal point so I wanted to keep everything else simple.

I needed this space to work harder for us!

I was tired of coming home to see piles of boots, shoes, jackets - so I decided to makeover the coat closet.

I found and marked the studs

I then cut a 2x4 to size and screwed it to the studs along the back wall and each side of the closet.

Installing the bench

I placed the planks on the 2x4 cleat I had just installed and then nailed them to the 2x4s underneath.

Adding stability and storage

For the side storage, I anchored 1x2 cleats to the studs, then added 1x12 shelves. Baskets are from IKEA

AFTER: Our new entryway closet!

As you can see the entryway is more organized and useful. I'm very pleased with how this turned out.

Before: Our basement mudroom

This is how the space started 2 years ago at the beginning of the renovation.

DIY Basement Mudroom Area

We replaced the window with a larger one & the door with a full lite. We also replaced studs and added drywall.

Painting and flooring: what a difference!

We ripped up the tile, leveled the floor with concrete leveler, and laid luxury vinyl plank flooring.

DIY Basement Mudroom Area

We used scrap wood from shelving we tore out of the garage area to build this easy bench with cubbies.


This space went from dark and cramped to bright and airy and serves as a space to drop all of our dirty boots and jackets.