Guest Room Makeover Edition

You'll need these guest room ideas before the holidays!

By Kara Wurtzel

A Guest Room Transformed

Here's the room when we moved in. It just felt so dark, and not at all like the coastal vistas just outside!

Paint & Wallpaper!

I painted the wainscoting white, then got ready to wallpaper. Pro-tip: cut your paper on the floor, so much easier!

AFTER: I can't believe how far it's come!

The paper went up easily. Add some new linens, long white curtains and some decor, and I have a totally new space I love!

We had big plans for this tiny space!

A kitchenette, a bathroom, plus, we wanted to have room for a bed that sleeps 2. The answer? Built-ins!

Once the walls and windows were in...

...the bed platform was built first. A metal pop-up trundle that we already had fits underneath.

Next came the shelves

The shelves were made using 1/2" birch plywood & were faced using pre-primed boards ripped down to 1-1/4".

We built and added doors to the cabinets

My favorite part of the built-ins are the X-detail on the doors made with 1/4" luan strips.


We love our new guest space

Upcycled Shutter Headboard

I wanted to make a new headboard for my nephew and found this shutter at an antique store for $10: Time to DIY!

AFTER: The finished headboard!

The headboard turned out great. I was worried about it’s weight but being attached to the wall gives me a sense of ease.


This DIY paneled wall really is easy. I did it from start to finish (by myself) in one afternoon.

Add the horizontal boards first

I began by hanging pieces of primed (1" x 4" x 8') MDF boards horizontally.

Using finishing nails, next came verticals

After the horizontal boards were hung, I went back through and added the vertical boards.

Finishing touches

I caulked and painted after the boards were hung.


I love our guest room makeover and hope our guests feel well-loved (and well-pampered)!

Here's our basement guest bedroom BEFORE

It had been sadly neglected and in serious need of some TLC!

Our Basement Spare Bedroom Makeover

The shower curtain closet ALWAYS drove me nuts. It’s something I’ve wanted to fix since the day we moved in!

First up: Paint!

We ultimately decided on Sherwin-Williams Intellectual Gray, and I’m so happy with our choice.

Goodbye to those doors: FINALLY!

We ditched the shower curtain and added REAL closet doors to the closet. It made me SO happy!


We love our new basement guest room; so fresh and airy and inviting!

Using Printables to Dress Your Guest Room

It's all about making people feel welcome, comfortable and thinking about what they may need...

We love this adorable way to share wifi codes

Placing it in a nice frame gives it a finished look. Much better than just printing and laying on the tab

Here's another cute one for your guest room

This printable above could be used anywhere in the house, but is perfect for the guest room