How to fix a plastic finish?


I have a plastic, lightweight suitcase that the baggage handlers put a sticky label on it. I used goop off to remove it, and the whole area is no longer shiny? Any suggestions?

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  • Mona Blake Mona Blake on Nov 29, 2018

    Rub skin so soft on it.

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on Nov 29, 2018

    It sounds like it ate some of the coating on the suitcase. I think perhaps a couple light coats of clear spraypaint should add that back.

  • Archie Archie on Nov 29, 2018

    I had that to happen and I placed a wet soapy sponge in it overnight and it had loosened the sticky so I can get it off.

    Then I used auto wax and it looks fine now.

  • Diane Coverdale Diane Coverdale on Nov 30, 2018

    Did you try using a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol? The dull finish may be a thin layer of the sticker glue still left behind from the Goo Gone. Then grab up an old, clean cotton sock and use it to polish up the spot. Should work, unless the plastic was damaged.

  • Cindy Cindy on Dec 04, 2018

    Hi David. I'm Cindy. You can get the adhesive off with WD40. That's what car dealers use to remove adhesive from price stickers. You can add shine back to the handles with wax. The kind of wax that people use on cars. Hope this helps. Good luck David and Happy Holidays.

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