What do I use to make frosted glass look like snow?


I'm trying to make matching candlestick holders with my center piece. I read that i could use Mod Podge and Epson salt. I tested it out on a wine glass of mine but I find it to bumpy and salt will flake off when touched. Maybe I can grind the salt down some and use a clear coat spray paint?? Would greatly appreciate any input! Thanks!

q what do i use to make frosted glass look and a snow look
q what do i use to make frosted glass look and a snow look

q what do i use to make frosted glass look and a snow look
q what do i use to make frosted glass look and a snow look
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  • Tuula - Color Me Thrifty Tuula - Color Me Thrifty on Nov 29, 2018

    Hi Renee, I've never tried this myself but here's a tutorial with a lot of info that you might find helpful.


  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Nov 29, 2018

    That project was for candles. The salt and glue was for inside of glass for candles.

  • Hi Renee,

    I have done this before but I only put the salt inside the jar and not on the outside. After I applied ModPodge. Here is a link.

  • BC. BC. on Nov 30, 2018

    and to add to the other advise, be sure to wipe your glass down well with vinegar or rubbing alcohol to anywhere you will be applying paint, mod podge to remove any oils from your fingers. It is helpful to wear latex type gloves too.

  • Paulie Trisler Paulie Trisler on Dec 01, 2018

    Try painting a coat of ModPodge over the salt as a sealer. I did this with some seed beads I applied to a picture for highlights. It has been several months and they haven't fallen off, even when I run my fingers over them to re-check for their adherence. What you have done so far is very pretty. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  • Trudy Dempsey Trudy Dempsey on Dec 01, 2018

    Kewl Idea

  • Renee Mader Costello Renee Mader Costello on Dec 04, 2018

    Thanks everyone for your input. The video I watched on YouTube showed doing it on the outside. However I wasn't able to do anything with it over the last two days. But I did use white paint on the inside to get the actual white snow look. It actually worked. I even tried grinding the salt to but I grinded it to much. Lol i also tried mixing the paint with the salt. Just to see how it would turn out. Na, no good. Lol I'm going to try and finish it up today. I'll post pics when I'm done. 😁😁

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