How do I get half of a screw out of my wall?


I've got a screwhole in my wall. It's a little too wide, so I'd like to fill it with wood and wood putty (or glue) and then screw into it. But also there's a broken off piece of a screw in there. It's deep in the wall, but not so deep that it won't be in the way when I try to screw in the new screw. I don't want to use a slightly different location: I want to get that piece of screw out. I can't get a grip on it with any tweezers I've found: either they're too flimsy or they're too thick to fit around the screw. I tried soaking the end of a thin, long wooden dowel in crazy glue and pressing it to the near tip of the piece of screw, waiting a short while and then pulling the dowel out — but the screw didn't come with it. Anyone have any other ideas for getting the piece of screw out, please?

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