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When should I plant lavender seeds?

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Should I plant them now or wait until spring and sow them in my garden. Are then perennial or annual? Do they need to be contained in a planter. I heard they spread like wild fire. How do you control them?

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  • Em
    4 days ago

    Start the seed early and place the seed tray on a heat mat or in a warm location so that your lavender seeds germinate well. Rather than a traditional potting mix, use a very light mix or fine vermiculite that drains very quickly. The seedlings will germinate in about two weeks and will take a while to look like lavender. Make sure that the lavender seedlings get sufficient water, but do not let them stay damp, and place them in full sunlight for maximum health. When your lavenders have several sets of leaves on them, put them into their final location, but check them regularly to make sure they have not been knocked over by animals, or dislodged by rain. Once the lavenders are settled in the ground they will grow slowly the first year, but most of them will bloom, and by next year you will have a splendid supply of lavender to plant into a hedge or use as a colorful border for your perennial bed.

  • E s desanna
    4 days ago

    I've never had much luck with direct seeding. Start in pods 10 weeks before outdoor planting season, according to your location. I have not seen lavendar go wild. They are perennial sub-shrubs, that can be pruned if needed, or bloom sprays harvested.

  • Lynn Sorrell
    4 days ago

    Lavender really hard to start from seed.Where do you live? Do you want to do this inside or outside? What kind of lavender seeds do you have(some grow easier) No they do not "spread like wild fire".They are perennial and can live for years. This is good video for help Here's great info. on this plant & help if you ever get it established Plant lavender in well drained soil they are drought tolerant,do best in plain old clay pots and not disturbed/transplanted alot. I love lavender & rosemary too

    4 days ago

    Lavender seeds can be difficult to start. I would suggest using the winter sowing method. Good luck

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