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Asked on Dec 8, 2018

How do I make crystallized tea lights?

JewellmartinLisaLinda Sikut


What is the powder added to the water (?) to crystalize on the zipties, for the tea light hanger

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  • Rose Broadway
    on Dec 8, 2018

    Judy, Alum is the powder you need. Here is a video that will walk you through the process.


  • Linda Sikut
    on Dec 8, 2018

    Hi Judy,

    My name is Linda. There are a lot of ways to grow crystals, but I think borax or sugar is what you're looking for. I haven't seen them done on zip ties but that might work. In this article, the borax is in the text and the sugar is in the video at the bottom of the article. I hope this helps.


  • Lisa
    on Dec 8, 2018

    Hi Judy - I tried to find the project you are talking about here, but was unable to locate it. If you can find it, you'll need to ask your question at the bottom of the page so that the person who wrote the tutorial can answer your question. If it is a series of ideas on one page, then click on the individual idea for full instructions. I wish I could have been more help!

  • Jewellmartin
    on Dec 11, 2018

    Judy, I like borax. Even though it takes longer to form, it always looks unique. And I use white bread bag ties. ☺️

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