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  • Bowling Green, KY
Asked on Dec 11, 2018

How do I give my cabinets a new look?



My cabinets are really old (1964). I have painted them and I want a new look. the age old question is new cabinets or reface my old cabinets?

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  • Chrystol Capek Kwasinski
    on Dec 11, 2018

    Try defacing them again in a new color or possibly distress them and of course new hardware.

  • Hi Lisa,

    It really depends on your budget. Getting all new cabinets can cost minimum $2K if there is a sale and depending on how many of course and upwards of $10K depending on brand and style. We have a small kitchen and were able to get all new cabinets for under $3K when a 30% off sale was going on at Cabinets To Go. Keep in mind that we had to put together all of the cabinets and this is whey they tend to have a lower price point. Here is a picture of my kitchen before. This is the kitchen after. If you want to reface then I found this this link for you. Finally since you already painted them once you could do this again. Perhaps do a new fresh color and/or add some glazing to the details of the cabinets to give it a new look.

    Hope that helped give you some options. Have fun and enjoy your project!

  • Ma
    on Dec 11, 2018

    Maybe install a few glass doors or take doors off completely on upper cabinets.

  • Em
    on Dec 11, 2018

    I agree with Chrystol about the hardware. Makes a world of difference. Try some chalk paint in a new color and darken the edges of cabinets with antiquing wax. Really easy to work with. Use TINY amounts of antiquing wax at first, spread as far as possible and you can always add more to add depth. Also add a bit more around the handles, that is where natural darkening would show.

  • Oliva
    on Dec 11, 2018

    Depending upon your cabinet style, you can add trim. Shaker styling is much sought after, but may not blend with the rest of your home. Longer, sleeker drawer and door pulls work well if you like that look.

    You can:

    Change the hinges to a European style

    Remove center stiles if you have tham and create new door and drawer fronts

    Cut out some cabinet fronts and insert glass with or without muntins

    Paint uppers a lighter color and lowers a darker color

    Install thin sheets of beadboard at rear of upper cabinets

    Install interior lighting or light bars under upper cabinets

    Install pull outs in some lower cabinets, etc.

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