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Asked on Dec 12, 2018

How do I remove paint from clothes?

BinkMargaret MickeyCindy


4 answers
  • 2dogal
    on Dec 12, 2018

    I just consign them to the paint rag pile or use them only for painting if they've got paint on them. It's not worth the trouble to try to remove the paint.

  • Cindy
    on Dec 12, 2018

    You can try “Go-Jo” type of abrasive cleaners designed to remove grease from mechanics’ hands. You must scrub with a brush with lots of elbow grease. I have also heard of using spray on oven cleaner but I would also consider designating them as wear when I paint clothes.

  • Margaret Mickey
    on Dec 12, 2018

    Goof-Off will sometimes take out latex paints

  • Bink
    on Feb 6, 2019

    I just read a tip the other day that said to use a disposable razor! I have not tried it, but maybe it might work and then use some soapy water and a good scrub...provided it hasn't already been washed and dried. Good luck

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