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Built this using a trampoline top given to me by a friend, 3 4x4's, some rope and hardware. Still have to add canopy, mattress pad, and pillows to complete, but pretty comfy right now.
Makes for good relaxation at the lake.

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  • Darrell
    on Apr 25, 2016

    what materials did you use

  • Katie
    on Mar 20, 2017

    What type of hardware was used to secure the swing to the top of the stand. .? And what was used to hold the trampoline? Thank you in advance

    • Brett Norton
      on Mar 27, 2017

      I used solid 1/4" steel rings and 2 large carabiners to hold tramp at the top. Each ring connected to ropes that held that were tied with a loop to Shorter ropes that I tied about 2-3 feet apart around circumference.

  • Annie Tarantino Bravico
    on May 30, 2017

    What is on top of the 4 x 4's?
    • Brett Norton
      on Jun 5, 2017

      I cut tops flat and made a round cap from 2x12. Routed out seats in cap for each 4x4
  • Kayla
    on Feb 28, 2020

    Please Could you give me step by step directions on how to build the tripod with list of material's ? I love this and have a plan of my own

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