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Asked on Dec 13, 2018

How do I take a cutting from a large pear cactus?

Krafty Mrs.KErin Reed | Erin Reed MakesSue


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  • Judy
    on Dec 13, 2018

    Irene I always look at my local reference for this or the internet.

    Is it inside or outside?

    Makig cuts in the right weather or growing season makes all the difference in your success.

    Good luck with your new cactus project.

  • Lynn Sorrell
    on Dec 13, 2018

    Just take one of the pads and put the end that was on main cactus in dirt(from where you got it is best) water in then let it dry out. If you need to put it in pot/container use a clay pot with out a saucer,best for dirt to dry out, as long as it has good drainage you can mist with sprayer around base of pad every 10 days. Roots will form faster.Where do you live? they need full sun if you get any ground freeze at all it/roots need protection I actually water mine regularly so they produce more blooms & then fruit. Many people think Cacti don't need water but they do just not much. I live in low desert AZ. The one in my backyard is like a tree 12ft high and about 2ft in diameter at base some of the pads are 1 1/2ft by 3ft. & extremely heavy. If you want to put it in pot/container make sure it's heavy enuf to hold prickly pear pad & won't tip nice short thick heavy clay pot. keep it in same pot as long as you can it'll grow better. Watch for scale they get it easily INFO Prickly pear info.

  • Sue
    on Dec 13, 2018

    I just put the root end in dirt it takes right off

  • Erin Reed | Erin Reed Makes
    on Dec 15, 2018

    just put of one of the large section and place the cut end into the dirt - done :)

  • Krafty Mrs.K
    on Dec 15, 2018

    The hardest part is not getting stuck while breaking off the pads. Canning tongs helped with planting them.

    I brought back some heart shaped pads from a hiking trip to use as banquet table decorations. When i researched rooting them, several sites recommended letting them dry out a couple days to form a callus on the end cut from plant. I used bamboo skewers on either side of them to help support them in cactus and succulent potting soil. it was hot summer so i watered them a lot like the other plants on the patio to speed up the rooting. I mulched the clay pots with pea gravel to keep soil in place, conserve water and look nice.

    They have sprouted new pads but I don't know what the need to bloom.

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