• Hometalker
  • Arlington, TN
Asked on Dec 13, 2018

How do you fix a crack in a textured ceiling?



2 answers
  • Lisa
    on Dec 13, 2018

    There is a product in most hardware stores that is made specifically for repairing textured ceilings. You shake the can until your hand feels like it's going to fall off, and then you spray up at the crack, trying to get the textured goop in the can to look as much like your ceiling as possible. It won't be the same color, so you'll have to paint that section of your ceiling the same color as the rest of the ceiling. The product is usually found near the spackling and other compounds used for repairing cracks in walls, generally somewhere near the paint aisles. Have fun and wear eye protection!

  • Jody
    on Dec 13, 2018

    I didn’t but a neighbor went to the paint dept at Lowe’s or home dept. They carefully patched the cracks then he had something that matched the texture. Then it was either paint the whole ceiling or feather the color out so the white wasn’t obvious in its difference. They said it took a couple days but a few minutes at a time to repair. You have to know where to look to see it. They said it was also a cheap fix.

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