What color should I paint my kitchen cabinets?


Hi, I been thinking to paint my kitchen cabinets for a long time but I have a really hard time choosing the color. Maybe the hometalk community can help me. The cabinets are really dark, the countertop and backsplash are beige and brownish tiles and the walls are off white. I want a light color for the cabinets but I don't think that white would work. Here are some pictures. Thanks

q what color should i paint my kitchen cabinets
q what color should i paint my kitchen cabinets
q what color should i paint my kitchen cabinets
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  • Donna Albrecht Donna Albrecht on Dec 13, 2018

    I see you have red accessories. My favorite color is red and I have coffee pot, microwave, toaster, blender and bowls of fruit on countertop all in red. So I painted all my cabinet faces red with a white walled kitchen. It looks amazing and the color just POPS. You said you want to stay with a light color but if you really love red you will love this. An Idea is you could get a couple of large pieces of RED construction paper and tape them to the cupboards to TEST RUN how you like the color. Have fun and try something new, If you dont like it paint is easy to do again. Have fun!

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    • Libertad Libertad on Dec 13, 2018

      Thanks Donna. My kitchen is really dark the reason you see the pictures so clear is because I have two of those bright led lights that sometime looks like a surgery room. I am afraid that red will not help me brightening the room. I don't mind the red as accent color but I think the cabinets need to be light color.

  • Molly Anmar Molly Anmar on Dec 13, 2018

    Pick the lightest tone in your countertop and use that...like an ivory or very pale tan.

  • Yes white cabinets would certainly work, then you pull out a tan color from the tiles for the walls. Since you are in Florida, how about some color? A pale robin's egg blue would be pretty. So would a pale tiffany blue. Or you could go darker on the bottom and lighter on top. Looks to be a fantastic, decent sized kitchen too.

    Pull out a color wheel and see what strikes your fancy.

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    • Oh Libertad, you are most welcome! Yes open concept presents a challenge! But it can all be worked out in one way or another. Settle on color for the cabinets, then it will be easier to determine wall color and how to blend and transition to adjoining spaces. Happy Holidays! ☃️🍭🕊

  • Katie Sara Creates Katie Sara Creates on Dec 16, 2018

    We have oak cabinets in our kitchen and I never liked the orange-y colour of them. I ended up painting them a light grey and they look great! Grey is a nice, neutral colour that works with pretty much anything, so that could be an option.

    • Libertad Libertad on Dec 16, 2018

      Grey was my first choice but I still not sure if they will go with the counter-top and backsplash. I am planing to take Debi53 advise and play with different colors on a poster board.

  • Debi53 Debi53 on Dec 16, 2018

    You could go white, but I think with your tile a soft gray with tan undertones would be beautiful. It's easy to get too much of the same color, so even though a pale beige would work with your counters and backsplash, you might get beige overload. Grays come in all hues-from very blue to very silvery. Choose one that complements the shade in your counters and back splash. Be willing to get a few samples and paint a large piece of poster board with each color to check it against your tile at different times of the day. This is much easier than painting your cabinets and having to redo them. With a piece of poster board, you can also tape it over your upper doors to get the true effect of what it would look like on your cabinets. Then you will be much more confident that you have chosen the correct color. I would then go with a pale ivory to lighten your kitchen walls. I would do the same thing with poster board for your wall color. By putting the two samples together in your room, you'll know you have the perfect combo. PS-gray looks great with red accents!

  • Dee Dee on Dec 16, 2018

    I think a nice "sand" color or light cream would look good. They both have a brown base and would make your counter and tiles pop.

    Whatever you do make sure you get a good semi-gloss paint and take time to prep properly. This is a huge job and you don't want to have to do it twice/

    • Libertad Libertad on Dec 16, 2018

      Ohh yes Dee, I am planing to do this job after the holidays when everything come back to normal and I can really concentrate on the job. In the meantime I will keep researching cleaning products, different types of paint and playing with colors. Thanks

  • Julies1949 Julies1949 on Dec 17, 2018

    Remember that you don't have to paint them all the same color. You could start by doing the upper cabinets in a warm beige or a grey with a brown undertone, and see if you like the look leaving the base cabinets as is.

  • SL SL on Dec 17, 2018

    What about Sherwin Williams Alabaster its a light color with some sheen to it and it is used a lot on Fixer Upper. We used it on our kitchen and dining room walls. They use it a lot on cabinets.

    Here is a picture that has travertine tile in beige with the cabinets painted Alabaster and they used brushed nickle hardware.


  • Natalie Natalie on Dec 17, 2018

    I would vote for a greige. A grey with creamy / tan undertones. Or a light cream that plays well with the tiles.

  • Ashley Contreras Ashley Contreras on Dec 17, 2018

    I would say white or a light grey. Leaning more towards the grey 😌

  • Dee Dee on Dec 18, 2018

    Forgot to tell you that you can also change the color of your grout with Mapei grout refresh. Amazon has the most colors. Easy to use, I changed the grout color in both of my bathrooms years ago. It has a sealer so it is easy to keep clean.

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