How do I safely clean my floors?


We have a Calico Cat and a Choc. Lab. My issue is how to safely wash my floors without using chemical cleaners. I am very aware that pets have died due to people who have used 'Swifter Picker Uppers' etc. Due to pets walking on the floors and then they lick their paws and ingest the chemicals and end up very sick or dying. **I truly wish people were more conscientious about this danger. I have just bought a new 'Pro Mist Max' for my floors from Home Hardware; but I am not buying the floor cleaner liquid. The cleaner did 'not' state the ingredients but the bottle did say - if any liquid gets in your eyes or mouth go to hospital for medical treatment. Great - Exactly what I don't want for my pets. **My only thought is to use Water & Vinegar. ***Can somebody please recommend something that will: A) clean. B) smell nice. C) perhaps provide a nice shine???. I look forward to your recommendations .... please H e l p !!!! Thank you, Luanne Merry Christmas.

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