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Asked on Dec 16, 2018

How do I redo garage walls?

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Over the winter am planning to repaint the inside of my garage. Old plaster board has holes in it, has been patched, and looks kind of rough, but it a garage. Am thinking of just putting plywood over it, then painting. My thought is I’d have a better surface to attach shelving etc.......any thoughts would be appreciated.Steve DPeoria, Illinois

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  • Kelli L. Milligan
    on Dec 16, 2018

    You can also add sleeper 2x2 studs and add peg board.

  • Zard Pocleeb
    on Dec 16, 2018

    Plywood would be a good choice for garage walls and you are right...they would make an excellent surface for mounting shelves and such. If you want a nice smooth appearance you can use a higher grade of plywood such as birch plywood. It is more expensive than CDX plywood but the end result would look great.

  • Nancy Turner
    on Dec 16, 2018

    If you plan on putting up the plywood, you can do that now. Unless your garage is heated, you should wait until the weather warms up to paint, most paints don't like to be used unless it is over fifty degrees. If you cover the walls, at least you won't have to look at the patches anymore and can wait until warmer in the spring.

  • Is the garage insulated? If not, think about doing so. You will be happy you did. Then attach your standard 4 x 8 sheets of plywood, noting stud placement, prime and paint. Then as you stated, you can install shelving, hooks, whatever you need, easier.

    At my two bit cracker jack dump in the desert, the builders would finish off the garage for a steep upgrade charge. When I purchased my house, nothing had been done, it was still in the raw state. I added insulation and drywalled some of it. Made a huge difference both summer and winter.

  • CribbsStyle
    on Dec 17, 2018

    If you're thinking about covering them I agree with adding some firing strips and cover with peg boards so you can use them for organizing.

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