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  • Jacksonville, FL
Asked on Dec 16, 2018

How do I repair cat scratches on my couches?



We bought new furniture 2 years ago, assured that what we'd chosen was pet proof. We have 2 dogs and a cat, but not a one ever touched our old leather couch. Then we brought home the new "in-destructable" cloth couch and love seat, at which time the fun began. The cat has destroyed all bottoms of the sides of both couch and love seat. Nothing we tried stopped her from her folly. Not duct tape, double sided tape, nasty mixtures and citrus sprays, her own scratch posts all over for her to use, nothing phased her. Now my furniture from midway down looks like we got it from the dump. HELP!! We can't afford another set anytime soon. Thanks, Lauren Bunker

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  • Slipcover it. If produced overseas it might have an odor we can't smell and the cats love it or hate it, which in turn makes them destroy the furniture. This happened to one of my girlfriends too. She was convinced there was Yak urine or some ungodly chemical used in the manufacturing process and her cat was determined to destroy it. She bit the bullet and made a couple slipcovers for it until they replaced it.

    • Hi Lauren! Yes, the more you think about it, it does make you wonder. And probably makes sense. Exactly why I shared my girlfriends story, not any other piece of furniture in her house, and she has a big house, it was just that one sofa that her cat had a vengeance for. Makes it hard to decide what to buy next? Will they attack that one too?

  • Mogie
    on Dec 16, 2018

    After you put a slipcover on the couch buy or make a cat scratching post. I sprinkle cat nip on mine and haven't had any problems with cats using the furniture. Another nice thing about a slip cover is that you can wash it often so the cat doesn't mark it.

  • Lauren
    on Dec 16, 2018

    Hi Mogie,

    I've given her catnip, she's not impressed. And she pushes the scratching post around the floor, rather than use it. She is one strange little cat. We rescued her. She was feral, they told us. She is super sweet but odd, to say the least. Thank you, though. For the suggestion. Appreciate it! Lauren

  • Dwp7470b
    on Dec 17, 2018

    Best I can recommend is a Sofa Cover. has all sorts and matching pillowcases too.

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