How do I keep my towels fluffy and smelling good?


I have tried everything from vinegar in the wash to liquid softeners. Help!

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  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Dec 17, 2018

    Fabric softeners and dryer sheets matt down the fibers in towels, and make them absorb less. Try just using a mild detergent and vinegar, then wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets (if you use those). Your towels aren't going to be super soft, but they will absorb better, appear fluffier and last longer.

  • Craft Invaders Craft Invaders on Dec 17, 2018

    I was always told that line drying was the best way to keep towels soft and that they love to be frozen in a frost although I appreciate it's not always possible to dry outside (I'm in the UK and we get plenty of rain!)

  • T.K. T.K. on Dec 17, 2018

    When you put your towels on the shelves, make sure you have sachets in the corners. Or use a scented bar of soap- when the fragrance seems to fade, just lightly scrape the bar to refresh.

  • Debbie Debbie on Dec 17, 2018

    Thanks everyone for your help. I do use sachets in my closets and I will stop using the dryer sheets. Do I put the vinegar in with the wash or rinse cycle? Too cold here in Canada right now to hang the towels outside. ☃️

  • Oliva Oliva on Dec 17, 2018

    Hi, Debbie,

    Vinegar goes in the rinse cycle, if you wish to use it.

    Using "Felted" Wool Dryer Balls will make your towels so fluffy and soft (but very absorbent), you'll think you're in a spa.

    Felted dryer balls are made exclusively from "Roving Wool", which can be found at better craft stores. Do not make the mistake of using a substitute yarn, or any containing acrylic fibers!

    There are excellent on line videos to make these, yourself. You should make 4 for a small dryer, 6 for a large dryer. You'll get almost 2 balls (rolled very tightly) out of each skein, which costs about $7.00 U.S. , but you can sometimes purchase "Roving Wool " on sale. Cream color is best for all purpose use, but other colors are available.

    After you've made all your dryer balls, you secure loose ends by weaving yarn several times through the ball, using a crochet hook. You "felt" them by washing and drying at highest temperatures. The more they're used, the softer your laundry becomes. The dryer balls will last at least 5 years...Far cheaper than fabric softener and replacement towels.

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