Asked on Dec 18, 2018

How and where to get a manequin bust?

Nancy TurnerLynn SorrellDenise Hardy


im in the bussines of selling preowned coats blazers,suits jackets etc purchased a steamer to get rid of wrinkles in garments, but its so difficult to really do a good job with these pieces hanging just on a plastic hanger like thing,i know having a torso bust(wheels optional but helpful) manequin like the tailors use will be perfect ideal to perform this job,does anybody know where or how to acquire something like this? i dont mind building one but i dont know how to start,if theres a diagram,schematic,blueprint that shows step by step how to create one,but having one in one piece would be way better even if its crippled,broken or incomplete, anybody knows if theres a place or what happens to unwanted busts torsos not needed anymore,like a "maqnequin bust torso cementary"just kidding about this but i welcome any ideas or information about this

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