Asked on Dec 20, 2018

How do I use old pocketbook ring handles for wreaths?

Dianacirce70Susan Elizabeth PattishallNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CA


What do I wrap around old pocketbook ring handles for wreaths? I cut off the handle rings of an old cloth pocketbook. They have string crocheted around them now. That will not make much difference or can add to the look. The handles are are made of wood. Thanks for suggestions.

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  • 2dogal
    on Dec 20, 2018

    Can you post a picture? The "rings" that I'm picturing from your description are pretty small.....

  • Mogie
    on Dec 20, 2018

    Yes they would make tiny wreaths.

  • Lynn Sorrell
    on Dec 20, 2018

    You can add strips of green fabric all around whole rings( just looping them over & pulling thru) it until nice & thick & covered for nice wreath then add red ribbon/bow to hang it up. you could change out fabric strips for each of the different holidays/seasons

  • Tulle would make a great wreath!

  • Susan Elizabeth Pattishall
    on Dec 20, 2018

    Thanks, that a good idea.

  • Dianacirce70
    on Dec 20, 2018

    You could start with floral tape, unless you want the wood to show through. Smaller, or finer strands of greenery/garland, small pine cones and sparkly snowflakes. I think the possibilities are endless for these small wreaths. And the great news is more dollar stores have tons of materials for so cheap this time of year

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