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Louie Mazzocchi
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Asked on Dec 21, 2018

How do I make a Christmas mailbox stand?

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I have a metal Christmas mailbox that I put all my Christmas cards that come in the mail.i want to build a stand for it so I can put it next to the tree.

4 answers
  • Lisa Sinclair
    on Dec 21, 2018

    There's a lot of cute ideas on Hometalk. Just search Santa's mailbox, or maybe north pole mail box. Good Luck

  • Nan W.
    on Dec 21, 2018

    Louie: Why not just buy an inexpensive plant stand at Walmart? (You could even paint it red or green!)

  • DesertRose
    on Dec 21, 2018

    What a great idea Louie, using a painted mailbox for special decoration. It is unique and so festive! I love your idea. I would use a stand made with a 4 x 4 with a flat 12 x 12 or so nailed to the bottom for support. You could attach the mailbox from inside down into the top of the 4 x 4 and the flat board from the bottom. That should support it to stand and be easy to build too. If you have trouble getting a tool inside the box to attach it, you could add a small flat board to the bottom of the mail box then attach that board to the top of the 4 x 4, if that helps. Hope this helps and what a great idea! The top part would be the hard part for me, so here is a tutorial for you. Just be sure the bottom board is broad enough to give your mailbox balance. https://www.hometalk.com/2334619/build-a-new-mailbox-post

  • Penny Harris
    on Dec 22, 2018

    Go to thrift stores. I have bought pedestal tables for $5.00 or less that, the top is not sturdy. Take off paint the base the you want and attach your mailbox. If it is just for decor, you can take a wire tomato cage the garden, curl the ends to make feet or use ping balls, put a hole in them and slip over the ends. Spray paint it all. The small end of the cage, bend over the wires and attach your mailbox with metal wire clips. You will have to drill holes in the bottom of your mailbox to attach. Good luck.

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