How do I solve the problem with my washing machine?


Just a quick question. Can a hot water tank that has not been serviced for over 30 Years damage a washing machine that is hooked up to it through hook-up hoses. Cause my 5 year old washing machine does not spin anymore it rocks back and forth but no complete turn, obviously it is a front loader and I have treated it like my own baby, draining the hose regularly and cleaning the basket every time. I put it through a clean cycle once a month and have kept both washer and dryer covered by material to keep from getting scratched. I am a true believer in taking very good care of anything I purchase, especially electronic units like dehumidifiers, air cleaners, etc etc etc and everything I have taken care of with such love have all died on me, right after the warranty date and thus includes at least 9 appliances or more that this has happened to me tune after time after time. I wish I could explain it but unfortunately I cannot because I am not qualified. I am so tired of buying very very expensive items that all end up breaking once the warranty is up and my washer and dryer took me 3 years to pay it off as I live ion a very small pension but cannot afford all of these repairs so I end up having to throw all of them outFrom: SO DISCOURAGED ABD SAD AT TGE STATE IF EVERYTHIBG I PURCHASE TO TRY AND MAKE MY LIFE A LITTLE EASIER BEING STRUCK DOWN WITH RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, FIBROYMYALGIA & FEMIX BULLIOUS PENPIGOID DESEASE WHICH ARE ALL AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES. If you can help, I will be eternally gratefulTgank you all & Gid Bless Toy all as welktruky,LAURIE L COLLINS

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