How do I stop my mice problems?

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  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Dec 22, 2018

    D-con Place behind appliances, under the sink, and anywhere that kids and pets can't get to. Cats are NOT the best way to go because not all know what to do with a mouse once they catch it. They have to be taught by their mother.

  • Plug up their entry points. Call an exterminator if need be for an inspection. I use no kill traps as I am in a semi rural area and have a place to release them.

  • on Dec 22, 2018

    I feel your pain! Here’s what we did to solve our rodent problem:

  • Beth Gold Roccia Beth Gold Roccia on Dec 22, 2018

    We had them..very disgusting things pooped in shoes, and even got on my daughter's bed, poop on her pillows. She lives in Boston so I rarely go in there. Of course I washed everything I could, vacuumed everywhere and after cleaning the house, we went outside. We closed all the places where we thought they could get into. If the nose fits, it'll get in. Totally disgusting. We had two open pipes, not sure what they are, ( bathroom vents?)

    We went to Home depot and got vented caps.

    We totally got everything out of the crawlspace (boxes and boxes of things accumulating from kids and myself.) We paid a couple of guys to do jumped out of a box. Ugh..anyway, long story short, (?) Its cold where we are and halayluya, no signs of mice. Keep garbage sealed..they loved getting into my trash can. My dog killed two.

    They were partying it up here, eating and reproducing and even slept in my kids bed.

    Also..(my mom told me this, I didn't believe her)

    Boxes and bags bring bugs and vermin. (Cardboard, paper bags, etc)

    We had an exterminator and he threw bags of poison in areas that my dog couldn't get to. Blood thinners. They eat and then they die.

    Exterminators are a but expensive..thankfully his kid is friends with my kid. All he did was throw laundrylike pods, and closed an old dryer vent. We did the rest.

    Sorry for the book I just was a nightmare..

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  • Junk barry Junk barry on Dec 23, 2018

    Spray peppermint oil around areas you know they are in. The oil gets in their lungs and they can not stand it.

  • ROSE ROSE on Dec 24, 2018

    Get a cat, My Hermie is a great mouser. He wasnt taught by his mother either. We didnt see a mouse yet so far this winter,