How do I get rid of scorpions?

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  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Dec 22, 2018

    Start outside by clearing up yard waste. Sprinkle Sevin Dust around the perimeter of your house. Next, set off bug bombs under your house and in the attic. Be sure to eliminate any source of flame for safety.

  • Vinegar and cinnamon also works. We have friends that have a summer cabin outside of Williams, AZ. See if these help.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Dec 23, 2018

    I live in AZ & have scorpions alot of scorpions. AZ Bark Scorpions, most venemous in N America. So many/bad it was listed on the paperwork when we bought house. Nothing really kills them.Except smashing them,they are hard shelled so most bug killers don't work fast enuf they just run off. You need to get rid of food sources-cockroaches,ants,crickets are main foods. So treat yard for these creatures. Cut screens & put them in all vents & exhausts in house,garage,laundry,roof etc. & seal edges of screens well. They can slip thru an opening/slit the thickness of a credit card less than 0.76mm or 1/32 of an ".They can walk vertically up walls and even across ceilings(usually drop down onto stuff) I sprinkle Sevin dust around all my door jambs & window frames and the granules around the empty 3ft perimeter around house. When the babies (you can barely) see start moving around you need to spray outside of house & up sides of walls with liquid spray. Keep everything away from outside of house wood,shrubs,trees,flower pots,plants.Fill all outside openings that you can with spray foam. Keep about 2ft -3ft perimeter of open area so you can treat it regularly.Do not leave anything on floor inside or outside(poolside)especially if it's damp or wet. I never pick up anything in yard,garage,or laundry room with out using something to flip it over first or actually wear gloves or use tongs. I've actually only had about 10 or so in the house in 7yrs and only one of our dogs(out of 2 people & 8 pets) has been stung 2x. We have gotten them under control so they are not everywhere.They flouresce under black light so buy a few of these flashlights. Take the lights outide at night and you'll see them glowing.This way you'll know where they are and areas needed to treat. If you have the scorpions in your house use the flashlights if you get up & walk around at night so you do not step on them.You can put your beds legs in big glass jars to keep them from crawling up the bed legs. Clean glass is only thing they cannot climb. Keep beds away from windows and walls.After heavy monsoon/flashflooding check outside of house to make sure they haven't crawled up on house to get out of water,and retreat everything.I've gotten to point where as long as they are staying towards outer edges of property I'm ok with them being here after all everything has it's purpose.Heck the scorpions & black widows eat the cockroaches,beetles,& crickets. Gotta love the desert!