How can I organize my kitchen cabinets?


I just move into an apartment. The top kitchen cabinets have no shelves. How can I organize my cups and plates?

q how to organize kitchen cabinets
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  • Joanne C. Wanciak Joanne C. Wanciak on Dec 22, 2018

    You can buy stackable racks that you just set in the bottom of the cabinet and you then have the extra shelf. .measure the space before going to Lowes ,Walmart ,or Home Depot. , where they are sold. This is so simple ,yet gives you

    just what you need. I use them in many places in my house. Bathroom shelves can hold a lot more . I have one that fits half the width and that gives two shelves,then leaves half the shelf space for tall bottles .

  • Oliva Oliva on Dec 22, 2018

    Cups can be stacked. Mugs can be placed on multi tiered racks or hung on wall pegs near coffee maker.

  • William William on Dec 22, 2018

    The cabinets in the photo over the fridge and microwave don't have the height for shelves. Use those to store stuff you rarely use. Baskets or bins would work.

  • Joanne beat me to it. Rubbermaid makes stackable racks that work really well. Wal-Mart, Target, Bed art & Beyond, The container Store and kitchen shops all sell items that will work.

  • Naoka Jones Naoka Jones on Dec 22, 2018

    Awesome advice thanks.

  • Marlo Jacobs Marlo Jacobs on Dec 24, 2018

    All of these answers are great! The only suggestion I would offer is that I store my bulk paper towels in the cabinet above the microwave. It works for me and it keeps the lower cabinets free to store other items. I use a pair of tongs to grab them down.

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