Asked on Dec 22, 2018

How can I organize my overflowing studio?

RosieFlipturnBrittany @by Brittany Goldwyn


I have a Art / craft studio that is overflowing with supplies and half finished paintings. I would love some unusual fresh ideas from you. Thank you

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  • Everything Pretty
    on Dec 23, 2018

    I hung up a large piece of peg board. I used that to hang shelves, hooks, and the bottom has small pails with pens. I can hold a lot of things there! That really frees up my space in my room.

  • So jealous, I just have a small closet! Check it out here for ideas...we made some custom shelving for the sloped ceiling.

  • Flipturn
    on Dec 23, 2018

    What is the height of your ceiling? The first picture below shows a kayak, but the same sort of pulley hoist system could be installed for large canvasses. It would get them off the floor, but still allow for accessibility when needed.

    These pulleys can be manually, or electric operated; examples of each shown in the next pictures.

  • Rosie
    on Dec 23, 2018

    Ditch-anything you can. The half finished paintings - donate - a novice painter will re-gesso and use them. Dried paint tubes, old brushes, stuff you'll never get to.

    -I found a 3 shelf bigger size cart (microwave ) on wheels -ALL painting supplies MUST fit and, I have a lot. Use the top to hold your pallet , mine is 4'X 3'. Bought or beg a piece of glass from junk yard to cover top- pallet easier to scrape.

    -Also use a large multi shelf 4X4 , wheeled cart (engineer or hospital) for large drawings, paper, glass, wire or anything your into at the time. I covered this cart with a 6X8 plate of heavy glass to have a larger work area. I found a patio door glass replacement company and begged.

    I painted studio walls, beat up cart etc. with white paint or left it natural, if its light color wood. I use a pulley system to hold armature on large pieces or to support a tree trunk am working on. Hung stuff I like on walls.

    -Also use an old gutted TV armoire for canvases-new or finished, gallon size turps, chemicals, gesso etc. old towels anything to help feel organized. Use the top of armoire for your spot lights and fan.

    -Used book case -I placed all painterly books onto shelves (my library). I use many thrift store baskets to keep similar stuff together.

    -Use Jelly jar boxes with the separators to keep organized -similar paint color tubes, scraper/blades, any smaller chemical jars


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