Asked on Dec 23, 2018

How do I keep the cushions from slipping on my leather sleeper sofa?

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We find that when we sit for a while on our sofa the cushions slip out a bit and we have to push them back in. Any solutions out there?

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  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    on Dec 23, 2018

    You could try adding adhesive Velcro underneath, but only if you don't flip your cushions.

  • Paula
    on Dec 23, 2018

    Use square carpet samples to put under the cushion. They will stay in place and also give some added support.

  • Karen Tokarse
    on Dec 23, 2018

    Buy some of the pads that keep carpets from slipping. It can be cut to size. Use baby diaper pins to pin that to the seat bottom. That is what I use to keep the cushions in place. Works great.

  • A Crafty Mix - Michelle
    on Dec 24, 2018

    HI Catherine, you can buy small disc-shaped non-slip rubber pads to stop them from moving. They can be stuck on the bottom of the cushions

  • Oliva
    on Dec 27, 2018

    Remove underside of cushions and replace with non slip fabric.

  • Ellis
    on Dec 27, 2018

    Buy the non-product that you put under rugs, and cut to size. Be sure to get the kind that absolutely guarantees it won't transfer to your cushions.

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