How can you change the color of a large area rug?


We have a grey large rug in out living room. We want to make it darker. Is it possible. Thank You

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  • Karen,

    Here is one idea for painting a rug. Here is a Google search on the subject with several ideas.

  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Dec 23, 2018

    What is the fiber content? How high is the pile? Loop or cut pile or combo?

    Wool carpets are much easier to dye than nylon, polyester or olefin.

    Rit makes Dye for synthetic fibers, but it doesn’t “take” well and my experience is you have to use a double-strength mix.

    Since the dyes all require heat to set, a large rug will either have to be put in a porcelain bathtub or outside and have gallons of boiling hot dye carried from the stove top to the rug and poured over it. Outside would be a summertime project.

    You might consider spraying automotive vinyl dye on it, but it may clog the fiber pores.

    In all cases, the rug must be cleaned before doing anything to it. Also, consider that dye will also dye concrete patios, acrylic bathtubs and more.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Dec 23, 2018

    How to dye a large area rug?

    Fill a large sink with hot water so that your area rug can float freely in the water with plenty of room to spare. Just prior to dyeing, add several large potfuls of boiling water, which will give your rug a much better color result. If you are using a powderdye, predissolve the dye in 2 cups of boiling water.

    How to Dye an Area Rug | Hunker

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Dec 23, 2018

    As long as it is not coated with that 'trafficproofer' or 'Stainproof' you can use RIT Dye on it. Otherwise you need to use paint and that rarely turns out as well as it seems to do by photos online.

  • Karen Karen on Dec 23, 2018

    thank you

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Dec 23, 2018

    How large is large? What are the rug's dimensions?

    If it is larger than a sink, you are not going to be able to immerse it sufficiently to dye it evenly. Also keep in mind that once wet, any rug becomes extremely heavy and difficult to lift and handle.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Dec 24, 2018

    You're welcome. 'Wishing you a Happy Christmas.