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Outside Decoration for House

Since my house is confusing (Spanish arches on one side and colonial shutters on the other) for some time now I have wanted something to tie it in.
I was lucky enough to be at Ross the other day and found this metal cross on super sale that has a Spanish flare. I snatched it up! I just hope it does not get really wet and leave rust on my house! HA! If it does, I will have to attach it to something and rehang.
Yes, we still have hoses strewn across the yard. Having to move sprinklers since our plumber will not be here until Tuesday. It has been almost a week of moving two sprinklers to seven locations! Surprisingly, the worse part is listening for the timer we have to set to make sure we move them.
Also, as you can see, the shrubs were cut back very low because of the winter damage! But they are coming along nicely. These are usually to about 2 bricks lower than the bottom of the railing! Unfortunately, we did not have any gardenias bloom this year!
outside decoration for house, curb appeal
Here is the cross at a distance!
outside decoration for house, curb appeal
Here is the cross close up. We just happened to have a nail in the right place where we used to hang a gigantic Christmas wreath!

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  • Jewellmartin
    on Nov 1, 2015

    I posted a couple of pictures on my blog. I'm thinking of using an off white throw with big pale magnolia blossoms. I've had it for years. We also have assorted sports, blue, crocheted, and just misc. throws. That would take care of the love seat, without adding more pillows. It's been a little while with rain and wind. How is the cross holding up?

  • Jeanette S
    on Nov 1, 2015

    The cross is doing great. It has really been wet and no problem! I agree with Hubs! Keep it family/hubs/kid friendly. Keep in mind that odd numbers are casual and even are formal. So group the vases..the 2 tall ones and 1 short one together. Then set the basket on the right edge, turning at an angle to the left with the low dish and second short piece in front of it...a second grouping of 3. This leaves open space beneath the painting. Then put your "hopefully washable" throw over the arm of the love seat. That will lighten up the dark. As for artificial ficus...they look pretty for a while, but get sooooo dusty! If you want to lighten up more, sticks painted white in a vase/bucket would look great sitting on the hearth! (Any old container painted will work) You can make them as tall as you want. This would cost you almost nothing. And it is a start. (Get sticks from yard)

    , This is sort of skimpy I would go larger taller but these were from my son and they have lights on them Notice I put glass marbles in the vase to hold in place sand works too I put the juice bottle in photo to so height
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